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Eliminate inefficiencies and reclaim hours of billable time with strategic workflow solutions from Allstar Business Systems. Our document handling solutions streamline your firm’s protocols and reduce the time needed to file and retrieve documents—which also minimizes potential issues with time-sensitive documents. Our robust security solutions protect and prevent unauthorized access to confidential information.

IT Hardware

In order to meet the needs of even the most challenging office environments, robust client management systems like Odoo facilitate cost-recovery solutions that deliver real results. 

Secure Sensitive Data

Ensure top standards of data security for your firm. Print tracking gives you control over document access. You can always trust that our security solutions keep client information safe.

Enterprise Search

Allstar’s document management systems save time with powerful search functions to find important documents throughout your file system—including in email attachments.

Print Management

Print tracking and control solutions allow your firm to audit usage, regulate document access, and create a digital printing record to maintain the highest levels of security.