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We help budget-conscious school districts save money with streamlined workflow processes and improved document handling procedures. Our multifunction printers reduce time spent printing, copying, scanning and stapling documents, and can store documents on the server for easy access and distribution. Plus, our security solutions include the encryption, automatic deletion, and secure data storage needed for sensitive materials.

Document Management

No more lost files, unsecured data, or wasted time. Centralized document management software lets users easily find the right file, and prevents unauthorized access to confidential documents.

Print Production

Save money by doing print production in house. With Allstar’s equipment and software solutions, easily produce professional quality brochures and educational materials without outsourcing.

Secure Your Data

Allstar Business Systems helps keep your schools information secure in the workflow chain with password protection, single sign-on, data encryption, automatic deletion, and user activity audits.

Smart Fax Servers

Efficiently send and receive documents securely, including scan to fax and fax to email. Fax servers reduce waste and streamline communication by letting users send and receive faxes electronically.